Dear Valued Customer,

In our efforts to provide excellent customer service, we have implemented a new procedure for the receiving and handling of handpiece repairs.

Click the button below to submit your handpiece repair request.

Repair Request

We ask that dental offices contact their dealer prior to sending a handpiece in for repair. At that point the dealer will contact Athena Champion Customer Service for a Handpiece Repair Authorization number. Information that will be needed to complete the Repair Authorization includes Doctor/dental office name, address, and phone number, type of handpiece, serial number, and Dealer name and fax number. Customer Service will complete the form and fax to either the dealer or dentist to place in the package with the handpiece.

Once the handpiece is received in our Repair Department our Repair Technician will inspect the handpiece and determine what repairs are needed along with repair costs. Warranty handpieces will be fixed accordingly and then promptly returned to the dentist; non- warranty repairs will require a repair estimate approval/denial. Customer Service will fax/email the estimate to the dealer. Once approval/denial is received, the handpiece will be repaired and sent back to dentist in a timely manner.

We believe these new procedures will result in a more efficient repair process and expedite our turn-around time, resulting in better service, which is our ultimate goal.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding these new procedures, please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-253-1771 or

Athena Champion


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